Clotted Cream with Pictures

Warning!!  If you learn how to make this, you will not be able to stop dreaming of it.  When you run out, you will want to make more.  And although it tastes like a little piece of heaven, it really can’t be all that good for you.  But then again, I’ve been reading lately that full-fat dairy and butter have gotten an undeserved bad rap, so I think I’ll just pretend that this is healthy, because it is soooo good.  Seriously.  Don’t learn how to make it.  Because you will never be able to stop.

The last time I made clotted cream, I wrote a quick post about it, but didn’t have many pictures documenting how the magic happens.  And it is quite magical.  You start with liquid and let the oven transform it into something altogether different and wonderful.

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The day after Christmas, Boxing Day, I was chatting with my sister Becky about my adventures in cheese making, and she said she had always wanted to try making mozzarella, too!  Since I love hanging out with her and don’t get to spend nearly enough time with her, I was stoked that she was able to come down a few days later and help out with the latest project.

We armed ourselves with a giant 12 quart stock pot, a gallon of pasteurized milk, a good food grade thermometer, citric acid, cheese salt, and rennet and began to work the magic.

The recipe we used can be found in Ricki Carroll’s book Home Cheese Making, or here:

mozzarella recipe on the

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