Clotted Cream with Pictures

Warning!!  If you learn how to make this, you will not be able to stop dreaming of it.  When you run out, you will want to make more.  And although it tastes like a little piece of heaven, it really can’t be all that good for you.  But then again, I’ve been reading lately that full-fat dairy and butter have gotten an undeserved bad rap, so I think I’ll just pretend that this is healthy, because it is soooo good.  Seriously.  Don’t learn how to make it.  Because you will never be able to stop.

The last time I made clotted cream, I wrote a quick post about it, but didn’t have many pictures documenting how the magic happens.  And it is quite magical.  You start with liquid and let the oven transform it into something altogether different and wonderful.

This time, I tried making the recipe with only a pint of heavy cream, to make it easier for my husband and me to finish eating the batch.

I have already learned that they key is the right temperature of oven and the proper depth of cream in the baking dish, I opted for a small earthenware crock.  This way, the cream seemed approximately as deep as 1 quart in my enameled dutch oven.

When you take it out, the goal is to have a nice, wrinkled, yellow crust.  After a bit of cooling, you’ll cover and put it in the fridge.  Problem is, moisture will condense.  My solution?  Use two layers to cover.  Put a layer of paper towel, then one of foil.  Problem solved!


After cooling completely, there will probably be some liquid cream/milk in the bottom.  If your crust has formed well, you can just punch a hole in one corner and pour out the liquid from underneath!

What resulted was pure amazingness.  About 9 ounces of it.  It was sooo good!  I ate it slathered on scones, double chocolate Milano cookies, chocolate truffles, and popovers.  It’s pretty much delicious with everything!


1 pint heavy cream, pasteurized, but not ultra-pasteurized.

1. Bake at 180ºF for 10 hours in a container that allows the cream to be about 1 inch thick.
2. Let cool on counter for 1 hour
3. Cover with 2 layers: paper towel, then foil (the paper towel catches the condensed moisture.)
4. Chill in refrigerator for at least 12 hours.
5. Skim the clotted cream off the top and store in fridge.  Will keep at least a few days.

Happy clotting everyone!  (Sounds gross, but I couldn’t resist!)




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