Blackberry Chèvre Appetizer

Recently, I was making a whole bunch of appetizers for my mom’s 60th birthday/New Year’s Eve party.  Since I was doing the lion’s share of the food prep, I needed to simplify where possible.  Here’s a perfect example.  It’s an adaptation of a recipe I found here at Yummy Mummy Kitchen. And let. me. tell. you. It was a big, big hit. And it looked beautiful.

The original recipe called for sanding sugar (something I don’t keep handy in my kitchen) and making each appetizer individually (which would, incidentally, be amazing, but I didn’t have the time and I was worried about the chèvre making the crackers soggy.) So I adapted the recipe to make it simpler and easier. And I’m really happy to report that it worked!

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Ricotta: First Try

Hi everyone!

It’s my very first time trying to make a cheese.  I read that Ricotta is a good one to try first.  It is traditionally made from the whey left over from making a hard cheese, but you can also make it from whole milk.

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