Blackberry Chèvre Appetizer

Recently, I was making a whole bunch of appetizers for my mom’s 60th birthday/New Year’s Eve party.  Since I was doing the lion’s share of the food prep, I needed to simplify where possible.  Here’s a perfect example.  It’s an adaptation of a recipe I found here at Yummy Mummy Kitchen. And let. me. tell. you. It was a big, big hit. And it looked beautiful.

The original recipe called for sanding sugar (something I don’t keep handy in my kitchen) and making each appetizer individually (which would, incidentally, be amazing, but I didn’t have the time and I was worried about the chèvre making the crackers soggy.) So I adapted the recipe to make it simpler and easier. And I’m really happy to report that it worked!

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Clotted Cream with Pictures

Warning!!  If you learn how to make this, you will not be able to stop dreaming of it.  When you run out, you will want to make more.  And although it tastes like a little piece of heaven, it really can’t be all that good for you.  But then again, I’ve been reading lately that full-fat dairy and butter have gotten an undeserved bad rap, so I think I’ll just pretend that this is healthy, because it is soooo good.  Seriously.  Don’t learn how to make it.  Because you will never be able to stop.

The last time I made clotted cream, I wrote a quick post about it, but didn’t have many pictures documenting how the magic happens.  And it is quite magical.  You start with liquid and let the oven transform it into something altogether different and wonderful.

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